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Korea has

16 World Heritages,

22 Intangible Cultral Heritages,
16 Memory of the World Programs

K-UNESCO Adventures is a heritage exploration program, aiming to explore

and promote the heritage of Koreans listed on UNESCO Heritage sites,

in collaboration with foreigners residing in Korea

An opportunity to thoroughly enjoy and promote the excitement and value of exploring globally renowned Korean heritage.

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We learn a lot of things and even how the songs that somebody in Pansori is singing but the way also that the people is participating and the audience what has it to be relaxed in order to participate in such a beautiful traditional singing culture.

It was very, very nice experience tour

Ekaterini Loupas,

Embassador of Greece to Korea

Review of Pansori Tour

I had only seen haenyeo on TV, but I had the opportunity to meet them in person and even went into the water to collect shells with the haenyeo! It was truly an amazing experience.

NUR AMIRAH IZZATI BINTI TAN YUSOP, Honory Reporter from Malaysia

Review of Jeju Haenyeo

I participated as player No. 276 in the Squid Game. While I initially thought the tugging rituals and games portrayed on the TV show were impressive, the actual annual event is held on an even grander scale. Check out the videos – it's just as thrilling as the Squid Game itself!

Lagahit Christian, Actor from Philippines

(Squid Game Player No.276)

Review of Tugging rituals and games

Now, join the tour and

adventure through your

K-UNESCO Heritages!

Geomun Oreum


Tugging rituals and games

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